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Remember this is NOT a "Zoom" course. No special software is needed for you to do our online classes BC or to be online at a certain time. You can do any of our online English classes BC according to your schedule anywhere in the world. Don’t be surprised if your first online course with us seems different from what you have experienced with other online classes or language schools. We use our innovative teaching methods to ensure skill development in the student’s overall English speaking ability by focusing on the most important pronunciation aspects of English in our online lessons so you can speak more like a North American English speaker at the end of each online course by getting the North American accent training right in the comfort of your laptop, phone, or TV. You don't want to waste your time or your money, right? Sign-up today and start speaking English to people you meet every day with confidence and fluency.

If you’re wondering where some of the students are from, you should know we are an international school. We have received students from all over the world including the following countries: Angola, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Eritrea, France, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, & Venezuela.

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Our school’s humble beginnings started out of a desire to help adult learners of English to excel in their fluency and confidence here in BC, not to give students more textbook or artificial English that isn’t used in the real world. We also didn't want to be another fake English teacher from YouTube trying to help you with your North American accent, but who cannot actually speak English properly ourselves. We give you the best way to maximize your time and money to get speaking English with the North American pronunciation and accent. We have taken over 10 years to craft and design these courses to produce results in each student no matter the level. This means you will have a guarantee on what you will come out of after taking our online classes BC. We have used our decades of experience to create these courses. We have encountered a number of different backgrounds where students have come from and that helps us to make a course that is helpful to any learner.

We teach North American English pronunciation so that you are equipped with proper language skills to take on your daily life in North America. Sign-up for one of our online English classes BC today! You will not regret your decision to take this course -- we stand by it.

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Our online classes BC are designed for anyone wanting to speak English more confidently and fluently, whether you are 17 or 71. You can take this course at your own time from anywhere in the world.  It really will help you master the North American English accent.  Sign-up today and get started on an exciting journey!

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